Our Mission:


Columbia Opportunities, Inc. helps solve poverty-related problems in our community. Our goal is to provide opportunities to families and individuals so they gain the skills, knowledge and resources they need to be self-reliant.


Our Impact

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Our programs serve as a safety net and a launching pad. We provide resources and opportunities to families and individuals so that they can attain the skills, knowledge and tools they need to become self reliant. In 2017 alone, 173 children participated in preschool activities to be ready for school; 290 parents and children attended family nights with a focus on reading; 109 safe and affordable housing units were preserved and improved; and 15 families received help to meet urgent transportation needs.

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Individuals Supported

In 2017, Columbia Opportunities offered training, education, counseling, housing services, healthcare and other vital supports to 2,400 individuals - all here in Columbia County.



people received emergency food

This is how we make a difference! 393 people received emergency food. Also: 447 families received help with their home energy bills; 30,000 nutritious meals and snacks were served to preschool age children; 32 households received emergency rental assistance to avoid homelessness.

Berne Bendel, Board Member

Columbia Opportunities changed my life. As a young, new teacher, I worked for COI Head Start and it was through my employment there that I found my passion and purpose in social justice work. It is because of my work at COI that I sought to further my education with a focus on social justice, its intersections with teaching and education, and human services.

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Get Involved

Volunteers make a difference! Are you an elder? We can use your help. Young adult? We need you! Busy professional looking to make a difference? Contact us! Check below for ways to volunteer and help Columbia Opportunities to make a difference.


Volunteer Opportunities

Contact us to find out how you can help individuals, families and children in Columbia County.

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